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Unlimited Audience, One Place


Next generation Digital Media marketplace seeking to offer a brand new way of experiencing Crypto Art while simultaneously supporting and promoting artists for their contributions. Built on the Algorand blockchain.

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Interested in 3.0 Technology solutions

Meet ZB 3.0 packages for custom solutions 

A shop that delivers you access to 3.0 tech





Smart Contracts

Full-stack blockchain development services including smart contract development in Reach and consulting for both public and private blockchain needs. Free APIs & Smart Contracts to implement.

Access to

Smart Contract NFTs 

Simple License

Simple smart contracts have usage limitations, and you must attribute artist in your work. 

  • Limited Print Use

  • Limited Merchandise Use

  • Limited Digital Use

  • Single Production Use

Pro License

Pro Smart Contracts  Licensee can use Commercial Content item in one or more End Products without attribution. 

  • Print Use

  • Merchandise Use

  • Digital Use

  • Production Use

Pro Extended License

Get maximum usage rights on big Commercial projects without attribution.

  • Attribution Not Required

  • Unlimited Sales

  • Unlimited Views

  • Unlimited Copies

  • Unlimited Prints

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NFT Storefront

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NFT Breeder

Pile of Coins


Commercial NFTs for Artists

Artists seeking to protect their work with legal backed NFT agreements. You decide how you want your artwork to be commercialized.

  • Print Use

  • Merchandise Use

  • Production Use

  • Sale use

  • Digital use 

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