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Algorand Foundation & ZestBloom Partnership

ZestBloom, Inc. is excited to announce it is the latest recipient of an Algorand Foundation grant. ZestBloom aims to dramatically improve NFT trading by providing a cross-platform NFT search engine, tracking of royalties and resales, offering fractionalization, and algorithmically protecting artists against misuse of their work.

Our platform directly benefits every other NFT marketplace on Algorand and the whole blockchain itself. We recognize the intense competition in the NFT market space and aim to cooperatively improve the entire Algorand ecosystem via our cross-platform NFT search engine. Our service should increase artist visibility, collector options, and transaction volumes for every NFT marketplace on Algorand in our index. Additionally, our marketplace offers inclusive NFT trading that empowers creators and creates a unique ownership experience. Unlike existing NFT minting services, our approach allows creators to establish the first “proof of originality”. Enforcing royalty agreements with our novel proprietary content protection approach will enable safe resales unlike what is currently available. Independent of the success of our marketplace, our novel search and protection applications will dramatically differentiate the NFT experience on Algorand’s ecosystem for both collectors and creators.

Road Map

Q3 2021

Q4 2021

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Q3 July: MVP

  • Centralized Minting Process with IPFS integration:

    • Upload & Mint of Single Asset

    • Upload & Mint of Asset Series

    • Formats Accepted: GIF, PNG, JPG, MP3, MP4, WEBM, WAV, MOV, PDF, TXT

  • Suggested & Custom Hashtags metadata for content & artists

  • Smart Contract Sales:

    • Simple List Price Escrow

    • Purchase Offer - asking to purchase an item not listed for sale

    • Auction - time-sensitive, with bids & buyout

  • Followers & Following system - similar to FB/IG

  • Historical Activity:

    • On-Site User Activity: can be set to public/private

    • Asset Activity view with On and Off-Chain data

  •  Link to AlgoExplorer

  • Content Reporting System

○ Address flagged content

  • Custom User Profile Setup

  • User Collection View

  • Marketplace with listed sales and auctions

  • Collaborative Smart Contract

  • NFT Consignment Smart Contracts

  • Private / Unlisted Auction

  • Artist Security Features:

  • Begin implementation of Content Similarity Scoring algorithm

Q4 December: Build Mobile Application for Marketplace

  • Develop Mobile Marketplace App

  • Real-World Assets - Partnership with Uncopied.art

  • Continue Site and Backend development

  • Fractionalized NFTs

  • Content Watermarking

  • Content Encryption

Q1 March: In Exhibit Media Player

  • 2D/3D Gallery view for content with skins

  • For highlighting collections - Music and art combined

  • In browser and mobile apps

  • Continue developing security features

Q2 July NFT Added Value at Events

  • Develop partnerships in real-world event spaces

  • Goal: Collaboration real-world concert or festival

  • September: Secure Media Wallet App

  • Develop proprietary Wallet to simplify blockchain access

    • Both mobile and browser apps

  • Fiat Integration